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World Meat Free Day

Monday 12th June 2017

“One small step for our planet”


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Recipe Suggestions

This caramelized onion & goat cheese pita pizza is quick, hearty, and involves very little prep. What's not to love!

Caramelized Onion Goat Cheese Pizza

11 April at 12:28PM

Pitta pizzas are a go-to dinner option when you're hungry, and ready to eat. It’s quick, hearty, and involves very little prep. 

Pitta, rich tomato sauce, crumbling goats cheese and sweet balsamic vinegar come together for this quick yet indulgent meat-free treat!

Visit Food Heaven Made Easy for the full recipe to bring your Meat Free Monday to a whole new level.

Goat Cheese Pita Pizza

Keep an eye out for what's to come

As the campaign gains momentum our blog will bring you information on all our big supporters, what activities are planned for the big day and way more besides.