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World Meat Free Day

Monday 12th June 2017

“One small step for our planet”


Blog Article

David Donaldson, celebrity personal trainer and owner of Prestige Fitness is an official supporter of World Meat Free Day on the 15th of June 2015

The Power of Plant Based Protein

09 June at 10:27AM

David is an advocate of healthy eating and an active lifestyle, he believes you can always get your vital nutrition from every food. "Conventionally we eat meat as a base for our dinner plates”; but why? Imagine if meat was in short supply, what would we eat then?"

"Getting imaginative with our food, and creating new dishes that don't rely on meat, is not only a great way to broaden our nutritional horizon, but will leave a healthy foot print on meat production, promoting better meat consumption and sustainability for our planet." 

Blog: Power up with Protein.

Protein is the most popular macro nutrient and widely spoken dietary term on the planet. Protein plays several vital roles to our nutrition, long term health and fitness. Protein among the other common nutrients such as Carbohydrate and Fats is at the forefront, and simply seems to get all of our attention, but why should we choose to power up on protein.

Being a part time health guru or maybe somebody who likes staying in shape, there is a good chance you would have encountered 'The Protein' at some point. You know what protein is by now? That diet thing you kind of understand and is meant to give you super natural powers or something? The one your neighbour, your dentist, dog walker, hair dresser, gym buddy and the obsessed office fitness freak talk about, who's all like, "it’s all protein dude." Yes that protein.

So what’s the big Deal?
Well that little thing does actually do us some good. Whether that be, repairing your muscles from exercising, or helping us keeping a balanced diet, or balancing our energy levels throughout the day.. Yep protein packs a nutritional punch!

Why do I need it?
Protein plays a big role in diet control. Protein typically comes in a clean form, such as meat or plant. Generally but not always, it doesn't contain much fat or has been manufactured synthetically. It contains lots of amino acids (these help us to do everything as humans including breathe) but also, tends to be really low in calories, which is perfect when trying to lose weight.

So when you approach dieting from a 'what food can I eat food?' standpoint, you are able to choose between carbs, fats and protein. Carbs contain high energy and sometimes high calories, fats contain lots of energy and contain the highest calories, protein contains the same energy as carbs but offers better weight control qualities, so out of the bunch, why wouldn't you be snacking on protein more? 

What if I’m not trying to lose weight, what else does protein do?
Answer these questions: 

.Have you ever had an energy crash in the afternoon?

.Do you ever feel hungry straight after a meal? 
.Do you get any chocolate or sweet cravings late at night?

Protein keeps us fuller for longer, its infamous properties, could arguably be known as an appetite suppressant, it’s definitely not, but not shy of similar qualities. Protein does keep us fuller for longer, when it enters our blood stream it reacts differently to typical carbs and fats. Protein doesn't elevate your blood sugar levels in the same way they do, so it doesn't trigger the chemical signals to say "we need more energy down here" and then make you hungry or more tired, like some dense carbs and fats do. With protein based meals in short, you're less likely to flag afterwards.

Because of this, protein can help curb cravings; it can stop you from technically being a bit greedy, and definitely help to keep your energy levels on a neutral line throughout the day. So yes, you may now start to understand why protein is awesome!

What are the best meat free options for getting protein?
In the grocery store, you are not short for choice when it comes to meat free alternatives. Have you ever heard of Quorn? Well you should have, it just happens to be the world’s market leader for meat free products.

Has over a 100 products worldwide. Famous for Quorn sausages, Quorn Mince, and Quorn meat free chicken pieces. Quorn is naturally high in protein and can be used with almost every dish you can think of. You can visit Quorn here and check out their tasty recipes www.Quorn.co.uk 


We all love a good egg, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, omelettes and even a fancy egg nicoise salad. Eggs are a fantastic source of protein; they are very low in calories and easy to eat at all times of the day. 

Cottage Cheese
Serves as a great snack and contains a great balance of calcium and protein. It can be used to make a dish creamier, or it makes a great garnish for fruit and cereal.


Are what I call a 'Practical Protein.' You can quite literally go nuts over almonds. For a small easy to eat snack, they pack lots of protein and some great essentials fats too.

Pronounced KEEN-WAH, It is a super grain. It’s very high in protein and can be used to lower cholesterol. You can make Quinoa with salads, or use it instead of rice.

Peanut Butter 
Crunchy and creamy, peanut butter on toast, oatcakes, ryvita, makes for a great snack and contains good fats and protein.  Did you know peanut butter can also be used in smoothies? Oh yes, and it’s gorgeous. 

Protein is my favourite macronutrient. I love everything about it, the super qualities it possesses, the great effects it can have on our diet very quickly, and the ease of use it offers in terms of practicality, even the medicinal properties too.

When you think about powering up with protein; Try some of these new sources and see how they work for you and your goals. Meat yes, is a great source; it’s rich and offers plenty of meal options too. But you can do your bit by mixing things up and getting creative with your food. 

For more expert advice, motivation and training secrets from David Donaldson visit www.prestigefitness.co.uk and Twitter @prestigefitnes

Thanks for reading, until next time.
Remember "Better Never Stops"

David Donaldson

Keep an eye out for what's to come

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